Transfer emails from a Gmail account to your Exchange account

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To transfer your emails from a Gmail account into your new Exchange email account you will add your Gmail account to Outlook and then drag and drop the emails.  To do so, please follow the steps below:


1.Open Outlook and choose File - Account Settings


1Account SettingsB



2.Chose New


2New AccountB



3.Chose Manual setup or additional server types.  Then click Next.


3Manual Setup



4.Chose POP or IMAP, then click Next.


4Pop or IMAP



5.Fill out the screen as pictured below using your Gmail account information and then click on More Settings.





6.Click the Outgoing Server Tab. Select the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option. Be sure that the Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected as well.


6 outgoing server



7.Click on the Advanced tab and fill out the screen as shown below. Then Click OK.


7 advanced



8.Click Next on the Add New Account window to Test the Account Settings.





9.Outlook will test the Account Settings and let you know when it is successful. Click close to continue.






10. Click Finish





11. Inside Outlook you should now see both your Gmail account and your new Exchange account on the left-hand side as shown below.  (Note: the name of the Gmail account could be the exact same name as the new account - this is okay)


5Lindsay AccountsB



12. The final step is to select and drag the emails from your Gmail account into your new Exchange account.  You can put them all into your new Inbox or you can create a folder structure.  To create new folders under your Inbox, right click on the word Inbox and choose New Folder.