Getting Started

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Collaborate Plan users please follow Steps 1-5 below.


Engage users please follow Steps 1-8 below.


Talk ONLY users - The account Administrator will receive an email with information to access the Control Panel.  All other users can find their login information on the label of the phone provided.  To download Ring-Scape click here. See Steps 7 & 8 for help setting up the Phone Attendant, Menus and Voicemail.



Step 1- Install ConnectID


Step 2 - Download and Install Outlook


Step 3 - Download and Install Office


Step 4 - Download and Install Skype for Business


Step 5 - Download and Install ShareSync


Step 6 - Download and Install Ring-Scape (for TALK, ENGAGE & CUSTOM CLOUD Plan Users ONLY)


Step 7 - Setup your Phone Attendant & Menus (for TALK, ENGAGE & CUSTOM CLOUD Plan Users ONLY)


Step 8 - Setup End User Phones (for TALK, ENGAGE & CUSTOM CLOUD Plan Users ONLY)



After completing each of the necessary installations, you should be all set and ready to work in the Cloud.



To watch a video that will walk you through the above installation steps, click here.

*Note the video shows the My Services app in ConnectID, however you will need to use the Webmail app to get to My Services.


To search the knowledge base for help on all topics, click here.